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Hi to Whip Up readers

Hi to all Whip Up readers! You can browse the links section (enlaces) where the categories are in English, French and Spanish, but bear in mind some haven’t been updated in more than a year (specially the French and foreign blogs). The links I regularly update are: Knitting and other crafts online magazines and podcasts, Knitting websites in Spanish, Iberian and Iberoamerican blogs and Knitters meetings.

You can also read the articles and participate in the forum (Spanish only). If you use Fannie’s pattern for the knitted aquarium, please let her know. She can be found at her blog: Fannie dans la laine

The site will undergo a major refurbishment in early September. If you’re interested in keeping track with it, the site has an rss feed you can add to your feed aggregator. You’ll have to type the following URL for it to be recognized though:


Thanks for visiting!